How to Stop Online Gambling Addiction With a Free App

How to Stop Online Gambling Addiction With a Free App

One in eleven people in the United Kingdom suffer from online gambling addiction and a large majority of them regularly visit their local casinos. In the last twelve months alone more than five hundred people died in a UK casino, most probably because of online gambling addiction. It is not surprising therefore that online gambling related problems now form a very large topic in the Home Office agenda since it is a huge business here. In the United Kingdom there are approximately two hundred and forty licensed private companies involved in online gambling; the remainder are licensed public companies. This means that all of these different types of online gambling companies must be licensed by the Gambling Commission in order to trade online.

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A significant amount of the Gambling Commission’s time is now being dedicated to online gambling addiction as a problem. In April 2021 they published a consultation paper outlining how they should move forward regarding regulation and which online gambling websites should be monitored. The main recommendation was for all of those sites to offer an unconditional cash bonus as a means of incentive to encourage people to gamble more. This would reduce the risks of people playing with large sums of money and losing money as they are more likely to lose at a smaller table; where the chance of winning is fixed.

However, many online gambling addiction help groups feel that this is not enough. Some worry that the bonus will encourage people to play more frequently, rather than simply participating once. There are concerns that the UK gambling commission may start to monitor the bonuses offered at all UK based online gambling websites. If this were to happen the bonus could either become a marketing technique or it could mean that gambling addicts did not get enough benefit from the free money. There is also some concern that such monitoring might lead to customers being offered only smaller jackpots, football betting sites not on gamstop thus meaning that the UK online gambling addiction help group would lose its members’ potential benefit from the cash bonus.

Regardless of whether the bonus is linked to the number of times that a customer plays on an online casino, or whether the bonus is in effect only during specific periods, some individuals who have a problem with gambling still need help. Their dependence on online gambling means that they could not see a way out without some form of outside intervention. There are two ways that these individuals can try and deal with their problem. They can either gamble more, or they can try and find an alternative method of entertainment. The key issue here is for the customer to be able to find a method of entertainment without having to gamble any more.

When it comes to finding a method of entertainment, the online casino gambling enthusiast has plenty of options. Gambling can often be linked to someone’s sense of self-worth, so it can be difficult for a person who has quit gambling to accept that they need help to stop gambling. For this reason, there are plenty of online casino gambling facilities that cater specifically to people who have made a life changing decision to quit gambling. These casinos will typically allow players to play for free. While it may not seem like much, for a long period of time the player will be able to replace the money lost from gambling by investing in real property, or even getting another job.

In conclusion, if you feel that you need help to stop your online casino gambling addiction then it may be a good idea to look into an iOS or Android application. While there are no guarantees as to how effective an application will be, it is important to remember that there are hundreds of games and applications currently available for the iPhone and Android mobile devices. If an individual tries their hand at a new game, then they can often learn a thing or two about that particular game and develop further interest in it. This is true regardless of whether they are gambling online or not.

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